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Conversion Rate Optimization

Connect Quickly With Your Web Visitors.

Our Team Has A Wealth Of Marketing Experience And Skills. We Strive to Stay Current With The Latest Technology & Methods To Generate Leads, boost Conversions, And Grow Sales On Your Website.

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Effective Strategies To Get More Leads, Conversions And Sales!

This Simple Tool Will Boost Engagement,
Conversions, Sales, Increase ROI, and Reduce Ad Costs!

Boost Inbound Sales Calls From Your Website By 100%

If you're still relying on a “static” phone number or a boring run-of-the-mill "contact us" section on your site, you're losing leads.

These days, most visitors will not take action due to what is known as "banner blindness".  

Having an "instant connect" option as well as a multiple methods of communicating with you, greatly increases your chances of attracting more leads and getting more inbound sales calls. Lead Kennect instant call back helps turns interested visitors into instant sales calls!

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Stop Losing Valuable Leads
On Your Site!

Every visitor on your website is a potential sale. The trouble is, most users will leave within seconds! Especially, if you don't capture their attention quickly.

That why, you need to make it as easy as possible for visitors to contact you, and you must provide them with a method to communicate that's most preferable for them.

Why? Some visitors may want to call you, video call, text you, email you, or chat online, while others may be ready to schedule an appointment online. If you do not offer these simple options, you will lose potential sales, period.

A Simple, Affordable Solution Engages With Your Visitors Quickly, In The Way They Prefer. While They're Most Eager To Speak To You... Proven To Increase Your Leads, & Sales Conversions Significantly

Convert 78% More Visitors With Simple Text Messaging

According to TextMagic, 78 percent of people now prefer text messaging as opposed to phone calls for business communications. Yet, very few businesses offer this to their potential buyers. But, now you can gain a competitive edge by adding text as a communication option for your visitors. 

Luckily, savvy companies are realizing that, more and more, consumers are choosing to communicate through text messaging, so it only makes sense to offer this method to your visitors. That is why it's essential to communicate in their preferred way, especially when sales are concerned.

Meet Your Customers Where They're
At Or You'll Lose The Sale!

Capture More Leads & Conversions With Engaging Chats (Live Or Bot)

Make your company more engaging and profitable through the power of chat (via live chats or chatbots). Chats have been proven to boost user engagement and conversion rates, making the user journey smoother. Plus, they're a great way to reduce customer service costs.

How do they work? With chatbots, when a visitor lands on your website or Facebook™ page, your chatbot can interacts with them right away (automatically) - acting as your helpful sales agent 24/7. Or you can also offer Live human assistance. Through conversational marketing, it converts visitors into a qualified lead or a customer. 

Connect Instantly with 1-Click Video or Voice Calls

The key to surviving as a business today is to reduce the time it takes from a lead engaging with a business to becoming a sale as much as possible. That's why, we’ve developed a way to create frictionless customer engagement using revolutionary video technology that explodes revenue for any business. 

People want to buy from businesses they know, like, and trust. Nowadays, they want to speak directly to someone, such as on a phone or video call where they can get immediate answers or get product demos or presentations, before making a purchase. With Lead Kennect, there’s no need to download software or apps. The sales process happens seamlessly in just a click giving your potential customers instant gratification.  

Increase Leads, Bookings, Sales & Conversions

Web visitors that interact with chats (live chat or chatbots) are more likely to convert into leads, sales and booked appointments.

Outperform Any
Standard Webform

Get key information like name, email and telephone through engaging with users rather than with a static web form.

Respond Instantly To
Your Visitors 24/7

Get leads, bookings and sales even when your sales staff are asleep. No human involvement is required - unless you want to!

Measure Goals
& Success

Monitor and improve your web conversions by measuring the success with real-time reporting of your goals.

Reduce Traffic Costs With Higher Conversions

Get significantly higher Return on your  Investment (ROI) from every last penny of your paid advertising or
SEO budget.


Give your visitors the option to talk to you in the way they prefer! (phone call, video call, text, chat, email).

Convert 40% More Leads Into Sales With Appointments

Recent studies have shown about 40% of inbound leads that book an appointment on your website, will actually convert into a sale. 

Businesses are missing out on potential sales every single day - if they don't offer a booking calendar on their website. We make it easy, integrate your favorite booking solution or use ours!

Start converting more visitors into meetings with Instant Inbound scheduling automation right on your website.  

Get a Stronger Return On Investment With Emails

What happens if a customer tries to call when you’re not there to answer? If you don’t have an email contact form, they’ll probably give up and go to a competitor. That’s why you need an email contact form as well as a phone number.

Plus, you'll be able to easily turn an email into a phone call by requesting their phone number right in the email form. 

With our built-in Instant Connect technology, you'll convert more emails into calls between you and your visitors, which maximizes your sales conversions. 


You are fully covered with our 30 DAY Money Back Guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied with our "Lead Kennect" tool, then we will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked within 30 days.

No Questions Asked!

Try it risk free for 14 days. There is nothing to risk! Try before you buy! Plus, you get a 100% Money-back guarantee for a full 30 days.


391% Improvement When Responding In The First Minute.


71% Of Sales Lost Due To Response Speed 


Approximately 50% of Sales Go To Vendor That Responds First.


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