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How It Works

Statistics show that your conversion rates increases up to 391% with a faster response time. Lead Kennect helps you connect with your web visitors as fast as possible, when the lead is the hottest and the easiest to convert. Now, you can easily connect visitors , while they are on your website and are most interested in communicating with you.

Our solution is very simple, essentially we use customized "connection tools", video calls, instant call backs, exit intent popups, live or chatbots on your website, which invites your visitors to interact and make contact with you.

Visitors are enticed to click on your "connection tool, which is a floating button on your website. It is highly visible and prominent on your site at all times. It is also "pulsating" to draw attention and serves as a pattern interrupt. Once your visitors click on it, they will have choices to pick their preferred communication method, either enter their phone number for an instant Call Back, initiate an instant video call,  Text Message you, Book an Appointment, email you, or engage with you via chat. 

We customize the connection channels that you want to offer your visitors - It' all up to you. 

All pop-ups are mobile responsive and show beautifully on any device, leaving a “Wow” effect on your website visitor. 

A user friendly dashboard allows you to send, receive, and manage calls, Text Messages online, live chat from your desktop or on the go with our Mobile App. You can literally run your business (manage your leads) from the palm of your hand!

Why Lead Kennect?

Increase Leads, Bookings, Sales & Conversions

Web visitors that interact with chats (live chat or chatbots) are more likely to convert into leads, sales and booked appointments.

Outperform Any
Standard Webform

Get key information like name, email and telephone through engaging with users rather than with a static web form.

Respond Instantly To
Your Visitors 24/7

Get leads, bookings and sales even when your sales staff are asleep. No human involvement is required - unless you want to!

Measure Goals
& Success

Monitor and improve your conversions by measuring the success with real-time reporting of goals.

Reduce Traffic Costs With Higher Conversions

Get significantly higher Return on Investment (ROI) from every last cent of your paid advertising or SEO budget.


Give your visitors the option to talk to you in the way they prefer! (call, text, chat, email).


You are fully covered with our 30 DAY Money Back Guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied with it, then we will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked within 30 days.

No Questions Asked!

Try it risk free for 14 days. There is nothing to risk! Try before you buy! Plus, you get a 100% Money-back guarantee for a full 30 days.


Connect With Visitors Instantly!

Lead Kennect is suite of new smart conversion rate optimization tools that helps you connect and interact instantly with your website visitors. This automatically boosts conversions and enhances customer service. Generating new business always start with conversations and studies show - the faster you can respond to leads, the better your conversion rates will be.

Our solutions allow you to connect with all your website visitors to answer Calls, Video calls, Text messages, Emails, book appointments or engage with on Live Chats from one simple mobile app, no matter where you are. With our custom chatbots, you can engage with your visitors 24/7 to drive more leads even in your sleep!  

Generate more leads and increase your conversion rates by simply integrating our suite of tools on your website! Plus, save 10-15% of traffic that would otherwise leave your site, by capturing emails or incentivizing visitors with a special coupon or promotion once they try to leave your site!

Our call & text analytics dashboard will provide you with reports and data about your lead generation and sales efforts. Improve your conversion rate by analyzing what happened before, during, and after an interaction with your web visitors.

391% Improvement When Responding In The First Minute.


Approximately 50% of Sales Go To Vendor That Responds First.


No Credit Card Needed