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Every day, you interact with your valued customers, building relationships and trust. But during these interactions, why let a golden opportunity slip by without securing another valuable Google review?

Imagine the impact on your business if every satisfied customer took a moment to share their positive experience online - right at the moment, while the experience is still fresh on their minds!  

Tap Review Cards

New Way To Get Reviews

Say goodbye to the old way of asking for reviews through text messages and emails. In today's digital age, personal connections matter more than ever.

Imagine the impact of a genuine, face-to-face request for feedback during your interactions with satisfied customers. It's not just a request; it's an invitation to share their positive experiences directly and effortlessly.

With our innovative approach, you can transition from impersonal digital requests to heartfelt, in-person interactions. Hand them a TapReview card, share a smile, and express your gratitude for their business. This simple yet powerful gesture not only strengthens your customer relationships - but also increases the likelihood of them leaving positive reviews.

Why Does Responding To Reviews Matter? 

Responding promptly to customer reviews is essential for enhancing your business's reputation. Swift responses not only make existing customers happier but also demonstrate your commitment to addressing customer feedback promptly, showcasing your dedication to customer satisfaction to potential clients.

It's crucial to address negative reviews promptly, as they can significantly influence potential customers' decisions. By handling these reviews properly and in a timely manner, you can help alleviate concerns and foster trust among potential clients.. 

why responding to reviews matter
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The Power Of Replying To Google Reviews

Expressing gratitude for positive reviews and negative reviews is vital.  By acknowledging and appreciating customers who leave positive feedback, you showcase your business's genuine appreciation for honest opinions. This not only strengthens your relationship with existing customers but also demonstrates to potential clients that your business values and respects its clientele.

Furthermore, responding to reviews in real time serves a dual purpose. Not only does it enhance your reputation, but it also helps mitigate potential harm caused by negative reviews.

Additionally, engaging with reviews in real time boosts your visibility through search engine optimization (SEO), expanding your reach and creating a robust online presence for your business in a way that Google loves.

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Reviews play a crucial role in the online reputation of local businesses. In fact 88% of consumers say reviews play a role in how they discover and choose local businesses.

95% of customers read online reviews before buying
a product .

(Global Newswire)

56% of Google Business Profile Actions result in website visits.


89% of global consumers say checking online reviews is part of their buying journey.


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